First published 20th January 2009 on

It’s a quicky for yesterday’s as yet again I’m in a bit of a social upheaval. 😦

Verne has chilli shits, but joins in gamely directing the Big BrotherMovie (and filming himself go crazy apeshit in a baby’s high chair which is just plain wrong.). Ben (resplendent in THREE scarves) is actually amusing, acting out his adulation of Coolio in a very lavender way. Coolio seems genuinely scared (“Cuz don’t touch me!”). I think it’s Mutya rather than Verne that’s being represented by one of the baby dolls (is it Table?) but I can’t be sure. Things get even wronger when he locks lips with the dolly later – it looks like a mini version of that Bjork lezza robot video. Ulrika also sends herself up well, limping around like mother courage, bewailing the absence of her “48 children”. As does Terry by waffling on about the Romans “that’s interesting that innit?”

Michelle gets evicted and wears a lovely white figure hugging frock,prompting the probably bulimic LaToya to whisper about how she’s gained weight. Robbed of his house bitch, Coolio tries to switch his attention to Ulrika, saying he’s always thought she was OK, but she’s having none of it cos it’s too little too late. Even if they are both Leos (change the record Coolio!).

Big Brother fucks around with the housemates giving them random tasks. Ulrika has to only speak in Swedish. Despite Coolio declaring it a “brutal” tongue she sounds pretty sultry and teaches Ben how to say “I have a big cock” which should really be in the Rough Guide.

The housemates play at doing fake nominations where Terry nominates the same two people for the exact same reasons.

Later Coolio and Verne swear to not be so starstruck about each otherand visit each other more regularly when they get out. Awwww.

Sorry it’s short – not having a great day.

Liking: Terry, Verne, Coolio, Ulrika, even Boring Ben
Disliking: Tommy
Keeping a close eye on: LaToya