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There isn’t going to be a blog tonight. Well not a proper one. As I missed the show. But – having gone on for ages to a friend on the phone about the various characters in the show – part of me is wondering if I am incapable of blogging when all seems mostly alright in the house.

OK Tina Mallone makes me ashamed to be from Liverpool and Tommy seems to be a bit touchy feely unreconstructed and Lucy is an inane and harmless Nazi.

But I always thought I would hate Terry Christian after the word (I recall laughing at a Rob Newman gag listing Terry as one of the victims he wouldn’t have minded Hindley and Brady spending a few more weeks out of custody for. Sick and wrong I know – but I laughed at the time) – and now I seem to be seeing him as some sort of Big Brother Christ Figure. I’d hoped to like Ulrika after Shooting Stars (which lets face it still took the piss out of her for being a “slag” despite her being funny and talented enough to do the best piss-take of Nigella Lawson I’ve seen) but she’s a bit more complex and paranoid (and therefore realistic) than I’d expected. I’d have written off Coolio as a twat, but I see him as a genuinely nice guy (who can be a twat, well can’t we all?). The young uns all have redeeming niceness. La Toya is mental but has good reason (if we believe her) and is strangely loveable.

All I’m saying is there seems to be no cuntsoup to stir.

That’s not to say I won’t be watching and commenting, but if there are gaps it’s because I’m working out where to live and stuff.

Anyhow I can’t do my chart of hits to shits tonight if I hvaen’t seen the show – if I get to see the repeat in the morning I’ll get on the case.

Blindly of course the list of faves goes something like this:

La Toya