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Definitely getting used to being Norma No Mates on BVI now – my only friends being the hummingbird and the massive blue and green lizard that live in the Botanical Gardens. And they just take the piss!

Forgot to mention my smoking shaming before I got the ferry to Jost Van Dyke the other day – when I was waiting for the ferry – and deliberately moved away from the ferry building and platform to have a crafty ciggy. All of a sudden it was like the women nearby had spotted a rat wearing a coat made of turds dirty dancing in front of them. I was told I couldn’t smoke there (although there was no sign) and rather than argue I moved along – to where another lady had witnessed the fun and started telling me to move (I was in the process of crossing the road away from her and trying to avoid a truck). Once I’d crossed she decided I was too close to a restaurant that was more than 30 feet away – but rather than tell her to fuck herself I duly moved asking if it was ok to smoke in the carpark nearby. She said yes and everybody alerted by the noisy smoker hounding got to watch me “enjoy” the last of the ciggy. Not the way to encourage someone to quit, mind.

The other day there was the tailend of a massive tropical storm so we didn’t get up to much and I ended up walking (alone) natch to Skyworld restaurant – which is about 6 miles away and 1000metres up. Believe me I wouldn’t have attempted it if it hadn’t seemed so close by car. It only took me about 30minutes, but whilst women don’t sweat they glow , again I was glowing like a pig when I got there. I fitted right in though – the place was empty, so the lovely waitress didn’t mind serving a damp pink faced woman with mahi mahi in creole sauce followed by the least good (still nice) key lime pie I’ve had on my travels. Managed to get a taxi back (I also seem to be befriending taxi drivers here) to my sisters (well to nearby, I fortunately had a torch to guide me down the windy path past the tethered bull (useful landmark!) to her apartment) where my arrival back in the dark was greeted by – well indifference really. Fair enough!

Sky Restaurant

Yesterday I checked out Road Town, but the carnival (actually a festival celebrating emancipation from slavery) is a slow starter. there were a few open trucks with calypso bands driving around, followed by people who seemed to now be slaves to the rhythm, and impromtu “bars” (a table, and umbrella and the contents of someone’s liquor cabinet), but I’m looking forward to the main parade today. Sadly I will miss the “donkey race” and “grease pig” on Friday (listed as CULTURAL DAY – love it!). Had a HUGE and very vegetarian unfriendly Carribean buffet (so yes the hugeness was my doing!) from Village Cay and checked out my animal friends in the Botanic gardens, before getting a taxi back (and ironically getting pissed on with rain in the taxi – as soon as it left the idyllically sunny Road Town and climbed the hill.

Roadtown Carneval

Last night helped Dawn get rid of the giant millipede that had moved in suspiciously closely to the death of the house gecko (although apparent millipedes only eat leaves) as it had climbed onto her ceiling and looked like it might drop on someone’s face giving them a creepy novelty moustache any minute. Also managed to read three Terry Pratchett books in one sitting. Not sure whether that says more about TP, my reading or how stuck for entertainment I was.


Millipede Manouevres