First published 24th July 2008 on

As well as the sign for “Free Bottom” I’ve also spotted one for “Little Dick”. Have to take some photos as my one chance of getting published (via Viz). Life goes slowly on the British Virgin Islands – which is almost stressful if you find it as hard to relax as I do, but slowly I’m learning to cope with long balmy days on the beach and swimming in crystal clear waters.

Only way to drink pina colada (which can get awkward in the UK)

Apart from today when we had a great boat trip out to the neighbouring islands (and some sea caves teeming with gorgeous multicoloured fish) when at one point returning to the boat it promptly took off, and I promptly had an “Open Water” style panick attack and got someone to chuck me a float until the boat came back (it was only turning round, but when you’re about to get on and suddenly it’s 100 feet further away and still receding into the distance, and you’re left alone in deep water, it can be a tad disconcerting. I decided to check on the diving from the top of Willie T’s (a moored boat with a bar on – although given my luck it would probably have sailed off or sank had I jumped) preferring to watch the huge barracuda and jellyfish from less intimate quarters. The rest of the day involved meeting Dawn’s nice work colleagues who came on the boat and scoffing lots of “Johnny Cakes” (very very tasty despite the name) home made by Keisha. Plus a few obligatory pina coladas. Just to be a sad case I’m now about to start catching up on all the Dr Who I’ve missed whilst away, despite me forcing Dawn to give me ALL the spoilers a few nights ago.

Collecting salt on Salt Island, a boat trip stop off.

We had a great walk up Sage Mountain (a national park – which seems to be home to millions of lizards) the other day, followed by a pub quiz at The Tamarind Club – where we was robbed (ok we came joint second by 2 points, if only I could have gotten Finland’s flag right. Pah!). Then the best Chinese meal I’ve had (great place to like prawns here!) overlooking Fat Hogs Bay appropriately enough, where we got to watch a greedy pelican diving for fish while we scoffed our respective dinners. Looking forward to going to Virgin Gouda, which is another island, tomorrow. More soon, too chilled to write.

Lizard reading sign on Sage Mountain