First published 12th July 2008 on

Just a quick update to say I LOVE San Pedro market in Cusco. It’s got all the smells and sounds of a traditional market, with a bit extra, so if you want to see a small child eating chicken whilst a dog scrounges leftovers next to a butcher who’s beheading something that might be a chicken near to a stall containing all 3000 types of potatoes, whilst listening to a solemn Peruvian marching song then go there. Plus I got a lovely Peruvian style skirt there from a friendly woman operating an ancient Singer sewing machine for only 20 soles. Also Anouk the nice Dutch girl has been dumped by her fickle Peruvian amour because he said she was leaving soon. She has two more weeks in Cusco so perhaps the decent thing would have been to last two more weeks and then have a fake tearful farewell ah well. He also recommended San Pedro market, saying to Anouk, “If you haven’t eaten breakfast there, you haven’t lived”. What a line! She went for her breakfast with him the morning after – and promptly caught food poisoning, but I still think he had a point.

San Pedro Market - for all your potato needs and more