First published 11th July 2008 on

Before I left the UK, my fiance’s lovely mum gave me a small crystal angel to keep me company. A sweet gesture which I repaid by forgetting the damn thing. I justified it to myself by saying it’s looking after my house – and haven’t told her the dreadful truth. Anyhow all of this has had an ironic ending as on my last day at Nuestro Senora de Fatima school, Shirley the lovely primary school teacher presented me with a gift. A huge, gaudy ceramic angel (see previous blog). With massive wings. It’s been the source of much hilarity from Lisa, although she finishes at the school this week so I’m betting she’ll get an even bigger angel. I was a bit wary of how to squeeze it into my bag to get home – it’s fecking enormous! I decided to give it to Juan and Teresa as they’re good Catholics with no sense of decor, but discovered in time that Shirley has written a lovely thank you message to me on the bottom. So it looks like the huge angel will be flying home with me.

Yesterday evening Lisa and I met Roxanna and we went to a different cinema (Mama Africas on the Plaza de Armas). In the interest of fairness we watched Apocalypto as it had to have both English and Spanish subtitles. It was bloody great (although Lisa and Roxanna were hiding behind their hands at the gorier bits). “Muy emotianante” as they say, um in Spanish. I’ve paid Juan for the rest of the week’s accomodation as my voluntary placement has officially ended. And he very sweetly hasnt charged me for my time away in the jungle – so I gave him a few dollars more and it’s all hunky dory. We have another volunteer who’s finished staying with us, Dory, a sweet American who’s just spent a month in a Lima orphanage catching nits. We’ve been showing her the sights this morning and meeting for lunch later. Beth the Welsh volunteer apparently is still a bit dicky so is only working mornings with Lisa next week. that’s unless the school is closed cos I infected all the kids with my lurgy this past week. Still coughing and sneezing – but then again so is most of Cusco!

Off to the jungle tomorrow. Woot woot! etc.