First published 9th July 2008 on

Ironic that I’ve spent most of my time away giving people remedies be it for cold, headache or the squits and now I seem to have developed all three from my lurgy. Lovely! Last few days have felt like crap. Hasn’t helped that I’ve had no proper contact from home despite dropping major hints – which only resulted in rather unhelpful texts “You’ll be better soon” etc (do you text Jimmy Hill “Keep your chin up” and advise Lesley Ash to “keep a stiff upper lip”?). Sometimes you need the telephone equivalent of a hug to perk you up. It transpired that my other half had accidentally thrown out my Peruvian number. Way to make me feel special. Managed to make it to the cinema – a charming little place on Procaduras run by a very friendly Danish lady who makes cakes and drinks to accompany the free film. The cinema is a choice idea – the room would fit about 25-30, although Lisa and I had it to ourselves – and there are blankets and duvets on the benches in case you get cold. I had a lovely Irish coffee whilst we watched “The Motorcycle Diaries” – which was ace – especially cool to see Cusco in it (even though the first bit meant to be Cusco – with the water running down the street – was definitely Ollyantaytambo – I am a location geek!). There are tones of DVDs to choose from and the film is projected onto the white wall. basically the films start at 1pm, 4pm or 7pm and it looks like first come, first choice of film. Definitely going to try to get back there. There’s even a cute Siamese kitten – which was playing with a sweet on the floor as we left. I would have taken a photo but my camera is playing up. Apparently it’s a common problem, having googled it – known as “the white screen of death”. I can take photos through the viewfinder but its sod all use as the screen wont show what you have taken. online advise ranged from pressing various buttons to beating crap out of the camera, but not much seemed to work. I even managed to open it up (bought a screwdriver using my Spanish skillz at the local market, and amazingly it was the right size!), and the screen seems cracked – which is a bit poo as I don’t recall dropping the camera. Guess I’ll have to buy a new one rather than mope about it.

I managed two classes today, despite only 3 hours sleep last night, before my stomach called me home (believe me using the loo at the new school would have presented a health risk to typhoid Mary). But not before I was presented with a GIANT china model of the Angel Gabriel (I think!). Going to have to hide it and present it to Juan and Teresa when I leave – they will LOVE it!

It's now on my mantlepiece, with slightly clipped in transit wings.

Ron and Carole left for Arequipa today so no more Guatemala watch, although Beth the teenie Welsh girl (who still isn’t volunteering die to her bad stomach but is doing Spanish lessons and meeting her cousin regularly for grub in Cusco – despite having “no money – until the end of the week”) is starting to become a replacement with her constant references to “When I was in New Zealand/Auckland” followed by some comment about how X in New Zealand/Auckland is much better than X anywhere else (usually an X you’ve just casually mentioned). Better start placing our bets.